ACL Surgery Is Not a Fix For Your Damaged ACL, But a Poor Substitute For Your Original Equipment

Find Out How You May Be Able to heal Your Tear with a Precise Injection of Stem Cells

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Knee ACL Tears

Knee ACL tears are a very common injury, but the rush to surgery has long been due to the traditional thinking that an ACL will not heal. The truth is, there are better options out there and surgery should not be at the top of the list. At the Centeno-Schultz Clinic, our physicians treat ACL tears regularly. For years of treating this specific knee injury, our experience using our Regenexx patented stem cell treatment has shown that it may be a better option for those who have experienced a partial or complete non-retracted ACL tear.

The Regenexx patented stem cell procedure for ACL tears was developed to treat full and partial anterior cruciate ligament tears non-surgically. If you’re considering surgery due to a partial or complete non-retracted ACL tear, you owe it to yourself to explore your options. At the Centeno-Schultz Clinic, we offer a viable surgery alternative so our patients can avoid the lengthy periods of downtime and painful ACL surgery rehabilitation that follows traditional invasive surgeries.


Reasons to Avoid ACL Surgery

Research has shown that ACL surgery doesn’t prevent arthritis and is ineffective. For example, in athlete patients those who didn’t have ACL surgery are more able to return to sports after one year than those who did have the surgery. This list, along with many more, are some good reasons to avoid the surgery:

  • Reconstruction of the ACL often leaves the joint unstable
  • The knee is never quite the same after ACL surgery, losing both position sense and performance
  • There is an increase risk of tearing the other ACL, or retearing the ACL that was operated on
  • Two out of three teens who undergo ACL surgery will develop arthritis by the age of 30
  • Eight months following ACL surgery, less than 1 in 5 athletes are able to return to play
  • ACL surgery shortens professional athletes careers


ACL Surgery Messes Up the Wiring System of Your Knee

 The severe failings of modern orthopedic surgery are twofold: focusing on one body part and only considering its mechanics. So by making everyone think that the knee acts in isolation of its other parts, we’re doing a huge disservice to reality as the knee works in concert with the spine, hip, and ankle parts of that machine. The second major issue is that modern orthopedic surgery completely forgets about the wiring of the body. What do I mean?

We see all about us these days ever-sophisticated electromechanical devices. One that you may have seen is the complex of gears, joints, and levers that make up the machinery for stabilizing a camera. You can find these devices to stabilize your phone or a GoPro or on every mid-priced drone being sold with a camera. This serves to make the picture ultra-steady despite movement. These devices have been around for a long time, but they cost tens of thousands of dollars and are used only by professional movie photographers and your local news station filming from its chopper cam. Now they’re miniaturized and mass produced.

Let’s say this apparatus gets broken in some way so that it no longer works correctly to stabilize the camera. We know that there are two major categories that we need to consider to see why it’s not working: mechanical and electrical. The mechanical part is easy enough, as all we need to do is to inspect the gears, joints, and levers. However, if there’s nothing wrong there, we also know that there could be problems in the wiring or complicated circuitry that tells the device which position the camera is in relative to the ground and how to move to counteract that movement. However, for modern orthopedic surgery, it’s all about inspecting the gears, joints, and levers of the body, and there is no focus on the wiring and circuitry.


The Benefits of Stem Cells Over Surgery

The ACL is a major stabilizer of the knee. When it’s torn, traditional thinking has been that it will not heal, so surgery is often used to replace the torn ligament. However, along with most surgical procedures, ACL surgery has it’s issues. First, the graft goes in at a steeper angle than the original ACL, causing more compression of the cartilage. For this reason, most young adults who get the surgery will end up with arthritis by age 30. In addition, the position sense and strength of the knee is often never the same. Obviously, the best possible scenario for a torn ACL would be to heal the ligament in place. The Regenexx patented stem cell procedure is intended to do just that. We regularly see good patient results, as well as visual confirmation of healing on follow-up MRIs.

The Regenexx patented stem cell procedure for ACL tears was developed to treat full and partial anterior cruciate ligament tears non-surgically. ACL tears are one of the more common knee injuries we treat and many non-retracted full and partial tears can be treated in all but the most serious cases.

Regenexx ACL offers a viable alternative for individuals who may be considering surgery due to a partial or complete non-retracted ACL tear. Our patients avoid the lengthy periods of downtime and painful ACL surgery rehabilitation that follows traditional invasive anterior cruciate ligament surgeries.

One of the big downsides of ACL surgery is the time away from playing. Most athletes don’t get back before 6 months and at that point they’re lucky to be at 50% of where they were before the injury. The common lore is that ACL ligament tears don’t heal, but recent advances in stem cell technology have shown MRI evidence of ligaments that weren’t supposed to heal, looking more like normal ligaments after a precise stem cell injection than a torn one. With Regenexx, the fact that you can exercise earlier and your muscles don’t atrophy, usually results in a faster return to your sport.

Colorado Stem Cell Therapy 60409 - ACL Procedure

Cory N.

Colorado Stem Cell Therapy 5 star 1 - ACL Procedure

As early as 3 months after my 13 year old son’s stem cell treatment for torn ACL we saw significant results. Then 6 months after his stem cell injection and his torn ACL was deemed about 90-95% repaired and healing. He was fully cleared to play all sports with no more limitations or braces and went on to have some his best baseball and basketball seasons in high school. We were thrilled and owe it all to the wonderful Dr. John Pitts!!!

David S.

Colorado Stem Cell Therapy 5 star 1 - ACL Procedure

I walked into their clinic with a completely ruptured ACL, hoping that they would be the alternative to reconstructive surgery. After a virtually painless stem cell re-injection by Dr. Jason Markle, and some patience as the stem cells did their magic, I am grateful to have a fully regenerated ACL and completely avoided Frankenstein reconstructive surgery. It was like winning the sports injury rehab lotto.

Bernard N.

Colorado Stem Cell Therapy 5 star 1 - ACL Procedure

Had a fully torn ACL. Based on MRI results, it healed!

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