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Your Trusted Alternative to Cervical Fusion

The perc-fsu | Percutaneous-Functional Spinal Unit

Am I a Candidate?

Regenexx procedures use sophisticated image-guided injections to place bone marrow concentrate or high-dose platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in critical areas in your neck (cervical spine) to help the body heal itself. Because there are many things that can cause neck pain, from trauma to simple wear and tear, Regenexx procedures for cervical spine issues treat bad or degenerated discs, arthritic or damaged facet joints, pinched nerves, lax ligaments, or weak muscles. In other words, Regenexx procedures provide alternatives to cervical spinal fusion and other neck surgeries.

Rather than find one source of pain, however, we focus on identifying and treating many structures at the same time. Why? Our research shows that treating the spine as a functioning unit yields better results. That is why our cervical procedures fall within the Percutaneous Functioning Spinal Unit (Per-FSU) family of procedures.

We may be able to help you avoid Cervical Fusion with our revolutionary Perc-FSU procedure.

Perc-FSU & Cervical Spine Conditions

What is adjacent segment disease (ASD)?

ASD is caused by excessive force on vertebral levels above or below the fusion area, causing them to be worn out because of the immobile fusion (5). It is estimated that as many as 12% of patients will develop ASD within two years of their spinal fusion procedure (16), and 2 – 4% of patients will develop this problem for every year post-fusion, for example, at 5 years from the fusion date, 20% of patients will have developed ASD (6).

Fusion only leads to more fusion.

Let us be your alternative to cervical fusion and disc replacement.

two roads to adjacent segment disease - spinal fusion and disc replacement surgery
According to this study, there is no convincing evidence to suggest that disc replacement significantly lessens chances of ASD in patients.


Get back to doing the things you love,
faster and without surgery.

Outcome Data for Regenexx Cervical Procedures

Function After Regenexx Cervical Procedures

Data updated March 01, 2021.

Prior to treatment, patients report being limited to an average of 53% of their optimal function. After receiving treatment, they report averages up to 74%. The functional questionnaire represented here is the Functional Rating Index (FRI).

Decrease in Pain After Regenexx Cervical Procedures

Data updated March 01, 2021.

Prior to receiving treatment, patients report average pain of 4.8/10. One month after treatment, pain levels decrease to an average of 3.3/10, a decrease of 31%. The questionnaire used is the Numeric Pain Scale (NPS).

Overall Improvement After Regenexx Cervical Procedures

Data updated March 01, 2021.

Patients feel their joints are, on average, already 38% better after only 1-month, and continue to improve from there. The questionnaire used is the Single Assessment Numeric Evaluation (SANE).