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Ankle Sore After Walking? What’s Wrong And How To Fix It

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ankle sore after walking? What's wrong and how to fix it

Is your ankle sore after walking? Is it inflamed or painful? Dr. Centeno talks about what could be causing the issue.


Ankle Sore after Walking? What’s Wrong

Hi, this is Dr. Centeno.  There are many people who, after they go for a walk, have ankle soreness, or, after they go for a run. So, your ankle has joints, tendons, and ligaments, and I’d like to explore what can cause this pain and what to do about it.

If the large ankle joints have arthritis, either at the tibiotalar or the subtalar joint, that can cause pain. There are also tendons on the inside and outside of the ankle, and these can become inflamed and painful.

But by far, the most common cause of ankle soreness after walking is instability.

So what does that mean?

This means that the ligaments are loose from an old sprain or wear and tear. Now, you may not even know you have this problem, other than you have this ankle soreness after you take a walk, or after walking on uneven ground, or after you carry something that’s heavy. That may be your only indication that this problem is there.

Now, if left untreated, this type of instability can fry your ankle joints over time. It can literally cause significant arthritis. So if this is happening, you’ve got to get on top of this right now.

How to Fix It

And we can tighten loose ligaments without surgery now using advanced interventional orthopedics, or Platelet-Rich Plasma injections performed under precise ultrasound guidance. We can help tighten these ligaments. So to find more information about how this is done and to find a Provider near you, see Thanks so much for listening and have a great day.

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