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Osteoarthritis is  derived from the Greek word “osteo“, meaning “of the bone”, “arthro“, meaning “joint”, and “itis“, meaning inflammation.

It is a clinical syndrome in which low-grade inflammation results in pain in the joints, caused by abnormal wearing of the cartilage that covers and acts as a cushion inside joints and destruction or decrease of synovial fluid that lubricates those joints

As the cartilage wears down there is progressive damage to the bone, meniscus and ligaments.  The end result is pain with standing and walking. Osteoarthritis is the he leading cause of chronic disability in the United States(1).

Surgery in the form of meniscus knee surgery, knee ligament surgery,  and arthroscopic knee surgery and total knee surgery is often recommended.  Unfortunately there are potential complications with each of the procedures including bleeding, infection, nerve damage, pulmonary embolism and reactions to anesthesia.  These complications have been well documented(2).

Stem cell therapy is now available and can be used as an alternative to surgery.  At Regenexx a given patent’s stem cells are expanded and then injected directly to the area of damage. A published study has demonstrated an increase in cartilage after the injection stem cells.  This office based procedure involves the injection of cells through a small needle guided by x-ray.  Unlike meniscus knee surgery or arthroscopic knee surgery where vital parts of the knee are removed, with Regenexx autologous stem cells are injected to regenerate the damaged tissue.  Please view patient’s testimonals

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