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Arthritis knee surgery

Osteoarthritis is  derived from the Greek word “osteo“, meaning “of the bone”, “arthro“, meaning “joint”, and “itis“, meaning inflammation. It is a clinical syndrome in which low-grade inflammation results in pain in the joints, caused by abnormal wearing of the cartilage that covers and acts as a cushion inside joints and destruction or decrease of … Continued

Hip Pain Causes

There are many causes of hip pain.  Most individuals who experience hip pain believe that it comes from the hip.  As a pain physician, I encounter  a significant number of patients who have hip pain and who have been told they need either minimally invasive hip surgery, hip resurfacing surgery or total hip surgery.  Unforuntately that this … Continued

Knee cartilage surgery

Cartilage  is a dense connective tissue found in the knee  where it provides a protective surface.  It is composed of cells called chondrocytes.  Unlike other tissues,  articular cartilage does not contain blood vessels and therefore has poor regenerative qualities.  Injury to the articular cartilage of the knee can be the result of trauma, meniscal knee surgery where a … Continued

Thumb Arthritis…What To Do When Facing Thumb Surgery

You’ve Got the Power: Thumb Arthritis…What To Do When Facing Thumb Surgery Dr. Centeno, of Centeno-Schultz Clinic, and Dr. Jason Deitch come together again for another episode of You’ve Got the Power. And, this time, they’re tackling thumb arthritis and what to do if a doctor recommends thumb surgery. Dr. Centeno and Dr. Deitch then … Continued