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Mesenchymal stem cells are available from different tissues sources which include blood, adipose, synovial fluid, muscle and bone marrow.  Superior clinical outcomes are associated with selecting stem cells from the most appropriate source, isolating them in a state of art laboratory and placing them into the area of tissue damage with direct visualization using either ultrasound or intermittent x-ray guidance.  This  is the Regenexx difference.

Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cells are Best for Cartilage Regeneration Blood and adipose derived stem cells are less expense to obtain and process than those arising from bone marrow.  In a recent article, mesenchymal cells were shown to have a higher potential to differentiate into cartilage cells than  stem cells arising from synovium, adipose and muscle. That is why when treating cartilage defects in either the hip, knee or ankle, Regenexx SD is the treatment of choice.