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untreated whiplash symptoms

7 Untreated Whiplash Symptoms You Need to Watch For

Whiplash is a significant injury that is commonly associated with motor vehicle accidents. Dr. Schultz discusses what whiplash is, the structures that can be injured, the 7 untreated whiplash symptoms that you need to watch for, and the major long-term consequences of not treating whiplash symptoms.

craniocervical instability treatments

Craniocervical Instability Treatment: Another Success Story

Craniocervical instability (CCI) is a medical condition in which the strong ligaments that connect and stabilize the head and neck are loose. Dr. Schultz discusses what CCI is, the 8 most common symptoms, who is at risk for developing CCI, current treatment options, and a new nonsurgical treatment that allows patients to use their own cells to treat damaged or loose ligaments.

5 Causes of Neck Pain at Base of Skull

Neck pain at the base of the skull can be debilitating. Dr. Schultz discusses the 5 major causes of base of skull pain, treatment options and the consequences of not treating.

transverse ligament

Transverse Ligament – A New Understanding that You Need to Know

The transverse ligament is a thick band of connective tissue at C1 that wraps around the odontoid process stabilizing it along with the upper cervical spine. Dr. Schultz discusses the transverse ligament, its function, location, symptoms with transverse ligament injuries, and a breakthrough non-surgical treatment option.

vlog - dmx and craniocervical instability

New Data: How Digital Motion X-Ray (DMX) Can Accurately Diagnose CCI

  Transcript Hi, it’s Dr. Centeno. And I’d like to introduce you to some interesting and really critical new data on Cranio-cervical instability diagnosis. So, Cranio-cervical instability or also called “CCJ instability” means that the upper neck bones move around too much due to damaged or loose ligaments. And there’s lots of different ligaments up … Continued