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How Likely Is a Second ACL Tear On the Same Knee?

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries and Treatments The ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is an important knee stabilizing ligament. It prevents the tibia from moving too much frontward (anterior translation) and twisting too much (internal rotation).  It is under most stress with landing from a jump, or a planted foot with twisting, and this is how it … Continued

ACL Repair vs Reconstruction Surgery

Regenexx ACL Repair vs Reconstruction Surgery for Knee ACL

Regenexx ACL Repair vs Reconstruction Surgery for Knee ACL Today I’d like to highlight a patient named Joe’s story.  Joe is unique in that he has had the non-surgical Regenexx Perc-ACLR procedure which uses your own cells injected via a small needle, and a surgical ACL reconstruction, so he can compare the two. So lets … Continued

ACL tear treatment without surgery

ACL Tear Treatment Without Surgery: The Truth You Need to Know!

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is a key stabilizer in the knee that is frequently injured. Dr. Schultz discusses what an ACL is, the major causes of tears, symptoms associated with a tear, what ACL surgery is, its risk, and effective ACL tear treatment without surgery. He shares a recent clinical success with a 14y/o soccer player who avoided ACL surgery by using her own stem cells at the Centeno-Schultz Clinic.

ACL MRI Evidence for the Perc-ACLR

Dr. Centeno goes through 23 examples of ACL MRI that show the superiority of the Regenexx Perc-ACLR.  Transcript Hi, it’s Dr. Centeno. And today we’re going to go over MRI evidence that the Regenexx Perc-ACLR procedure heals ACL tears. So, we invented ACL stem cell injections at the Centeno-Schultz Clinic, which is the headquarters of … Continued

how to tell if you tore your ACL

How to Tell if You Tore Your ACL?

The ACL is a key stabilizer in the knee. Dr. Schultz discusses how to tell if you tore your ACL and a novel, nonsurgical treatment option.

acl stem cell treatment cost

ACL Stem Cell Treatment Cost: How to Get What You Pay For

Knee pain can happen suddenly making simple steps almost impossible.  What is the ACL?  Is ACL surgery a major surgery?   How much does ACL Stem Cell Treatment Cost?  Is there a nonsurgical alternative to treat ACL tears?  Let’s dig in. What is the ACL? Ligaments are thick bands of connective tissue that connect one bone … Continued

ACL Surgery Alternative

ACL Surgery Alternative? Meet the Perc-ACLR Procedure

Most people view ACL surgery like they’re taking their car in for a new part. However, the reality is quite different. However, is there an ACL surgery alternative? Yes, meet the Perc-ACLR procedure. What Is the ACL? Before we learn about a new ACL surgery alternative, let’s review some background. The ACL is a ligament … Continued

acl surgery success rate

ACL Surgery Success Rate: What You Need To Know

Ski and snowboarding season is upon us.  Early season conditions mixed with overly enthusiastic fans can result in knee injuries and surgeries, and ACL injuries are one of the most common. What is an ACL?  What is ACL surgery?  Can  ACL reconstruction fail?   Can an ACL tear heal without surgery? Is there an alternative to ACL … Continued

acl surgery recovery

ACL Surgery Recovery vs Perc-ACLR

We invented the ACL knee stem cell injection procedure like we invented many of the same day orthopedic injection procedures being offered today. What prompts this blog post is an e-mail from a patient who reported her results and recovery. Like many of our patients, she avoided an ACL surgery recovery through the Perc-ACLR procedure. … Continued

Non-Surgical Treatment Options for Partial ACL Tears

Injuries to ACL are life-changing as witnessed by professional athletes who fail to return to high-level play after ACL surgery. The frequency of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries (aka “partial ACL tears”) are increasing and an estimated 150,000 ACL reconstructions performed per year in the United States (1). What is the ACL? The Anterior Cruciate … Continued