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Last night was one of celebration as the 2018 Centeno-Schultz Clinical Fellows completed their one year of advanced training in orthobiologics.  We are extremely proud of our fellows, their dedication and hard work.

Fellowship is quite commitment as these physicians after 4 years of medical school, 1 year of internship and 3-4 years of residency opted to take an additional year of specialized training.  The Centeno-Schultz Fellowship is very competitive as few applicants the have the prerequisites skills.  Applicants must have the experience performing injections under both x-ray (flouroscopy) and ultrasound into various areas to include the neck and lumbar spine.   The fellowship year is demanding as time is spent between clinic, research, seminars and cadaver workshops.

Graduating fellows include Dr. Matt Lucas , Dr. Chaz Fausel and Dr. Cameron Cartier.  Both Dr. Fausel and  Dr. Lucas are joining the Centeno-Schultz Clinic whereas Dr. Cartier will be joining the Seattle Regenexx practice.  Dr. Fausel will be in Broomfield and Dr. Lucas will be in Lone Tree.

Congratulations gentleman!

The physicians standing on my left and right with the athletic physiques are Dr. Pitts and Dr, Markle who were instrumental in the training of all the fellows.


Upward and onward..


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