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Does Whiplash Occur in Canada?

It appears that the Canadian health system has close links to the American insurance companies.  In years past the American insurance companies did not recognize whiplash and its attendant disabling pain.  Rather they banded together to create the concept of  M.I.S.T.  (Minor Injury Soft Tissue Injury).  The concept held that whiplash was a psychosocial phenomenon.  We all knew better and Centeno et al after reviewing the literature to date found a significant number of studies which refute the MIST concept.  The authors concluded  that a review of the literature did not support the validity of MIST.

At the Centeno-Schultz Clinicwe acknowledge the disabling pain and suffering that accompanies whiplash injuries.    We understand that when an injury as illustrated below occurs, it is not a psychosocial phenomenon. This type of trauma is referred to as a cervical acceleration-deceleration injury.  

There are many structures that can be injured including ligaments, muscles, cervical discs and cervical facets.  We treat a large number of Canadians for whiplash with great success.  Our ability to do so originates in knowing that this is a REAL injury with REAL pain.