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The Regenexx procedure is a non-surgical procedure that allows patients to use their own stem cells to treat common orthopedic conditions.  Many factors influence stem cell function and growth which include:

1) Medications

2) Total Body Mass Index

3) Aerobic Activity.

4) Medical Conditions.

Patients with elevated cholesterol and triglycerides tended to have poor cell expansion and clinical improvement.  A recent article substantiated our observations.  Wildi, et al.,  demonstrated that elevated cholesterol and triglycerides were associated with bone marrow lesions in asymptomatic patients.  Bone marrow lesions are areas of abnormal MRI signal that represent necrosis, bleeding and edema and strongly predict subsequent overlying cartilage loss.  Bottom line:  Regular exercise and proper diet may not only be helping your heart but your joints as well.


This one-on-one evaluation will help you understand: 


  • - Candidacy Grade: Good / Fair / Poor
  • - Which Regenexx procedure would be best for optimal results
  • - An understanding of diagnosis/prognosis
  • - Direction of best care
  • - Can be performed in-person or by telemedicine visit 

An evaluation is critical to understanding the underlying problems and selecting the best treatment plan that will help you get back to the things you love, without pain and surgery.