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Hip Labral Tears and Other Sources of Hip Pain

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At the Centeno-Schultz Clinic we acknowledge that there are many potential sources of hip pain which include dysfunctional muscles, stretched or partially torn ligaments, tears in fibrocartilage structures and damage to articular cartilage.  It is critical that all the potential sources of pain be evaluated.

MRI’s do not indicate the source of a given patient’s pain. MRI’s do not have flashing arrows indicating where the pain is originating.  Rather radiographic studies  are only one piece of the puzzle.  They are used in conjunction with the history and physical finding to accurately identify the pain generator.

GB is a 14y/o elite ballerina who presented to the Centeno-Schultz Clinic with a one month history of groin pain after her ballet instructor had forcefully externally rotated her hip.  Her pain was sharp in character and prevented her from performing.  An MRI of the hip demonstrated a very small tear in the hip labrum which is a fibrocartilage structure that provides support in the hip socket.  A highly regarded orthopedic surgery recommended arthroscopic surgery.  The surgery involves placing traction on the patients leg so that the hip is partially pulled out of the socket whereby a small camera can be inserted and the damaged labrum removed.

GB declined surgery and underwent myofascial deactivation and fluoroscopic guided prolotherapy of the hip capsule.  After 4 weeks GB reports 90% reduction in pain,m full range of motion and has returned to dancing.  An appreciation of the structures responsible for hip pain and simple regenerative therapies has enabled GB to return to her passion.