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How We Protect Our Patients from Coronavirus at Centeno-Schultz Clinic

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Here at Centeno-Schultz Clinic, it is our goal to keep our patients safe and healthy, so it is our privilege to introduce the measures we’ve taken to help combat the spread of Covid-19 and help keep the community at large safe from the exposure that may or may not come of our patients coming in contact with us.

Here is what we are doing to keep Centeno-Schultz Clinic safer than your own home:

  • First, unlike family physician offices, hospitals, or surgery centers, we don’t treat COVID-19 patients at Centeno-Schultz Clinic
  • We have a virtual “in your car” waiting room with texting so that you don’t have to wait inside a crowded waiting room
  • We are blood testing physicians and staff for COVID-19 on a weekly basis;
  • We use HEPA filtration with UV light to deactivate the virus throughout our clinic;
  • Everyone you come in contact with will be wearing at least a surgical mask. Our physicians and clinic staff will also soon start donning 3D printed N-99 masks this week which will go above and beyond the N-95 recommendation made by the CDC for fighting the virus on the front lines;
  • You will see our team constantly cleaning surfaces on a regular basis with medical-grade anti-viral disinfectants;
  • All physicians and staff are using IPA glove sterilization protocols developed in our lab
  • We obviously use social distancing of 6 feet throughout the clinic

Our goal is to keep you safer than any other place you could go and get you in and out as quickly as possible while still delivering the same high-quality care, so avoiding that spine fusion surgery or meniscus surgery during the pandemic is still possible.

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