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Knee Arthroscopic Surgery

Knee arthroscopic surgery in a very common procedure performed by orthopedic surgeons in an attempt to treat knee pain. Knee arthroscopic surgeryis  typically performed in an outpatient surgical facility where a small camera is inserted into the knee joint.  The camera affords the surgeon an inside view of ones knee.

Utilizing arthroscopic surgery the surgeon can trim any “damaged” ligaments which is called knee ligament surgery.  Alternatively, if ‘damaged” meniscus is detected then it also be trimmed and or removed which is called meniscus knee surgery.

The New England Journal of Medicine recently demonstrated that knee arthroscope surgery in many cases is no better than physical therapy.  The implication is far-reaching.  Patients are being exposed to many needless risks during knee arthroscopic surgery including anesthesia complications, infection, failure, blood clot not the mention the cost incurred.

Regnexx offers an alternative in the treatment of knee pain.  If there is evidence on MRI of loss of cartilage, we can inject a patent’s own stem cells via a small needle under an x-ray.  It is a simple needle in, needle out the procedure without the inherent risks associated with surgery and anesthesia.  Furthermore, it is regenerative in nature.  Our aim is to regenerate your own tissue with your own stem cells. A recent study demonstrated MRI evidence of cartilage in the knee following stem cell therapy.


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