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Lumbar discs remain a major source of pain and disability.  When a disc protrudes outwardly it commonly affects one or more nerve roots with resultant leg pain.  Therapies for lumbar disc protrusions include physical therapy, traction,  anti-inflammatory agents and steroids. 

lumbar herniation intro011 - Look Ma ..... No Scapel

Ouchhhhh Bulging disc compressing nerve root !

If symptoms don’t improve many patients are referred to surgery.  Common surgeries include lumbar discectomies where the protruding disc is surgically trimmed.

A new therapy utilizing a patient’s own stem cells has demonstrated very exciting and promising results.  Below are the MRI’s of a patient who had debilitating lower back and leg pain despite conservative therapies.  Patient underwent the Regenexx procedure with dramatic results.


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a stransky l5 s1 disc page 1 - Look Ma ..... No Scapel