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Frank Baylin

The staff at Centeno-Schultz are both professional and highly competent. My rather complex stem cell/PRP procedure went like clockwork with Dr. Jason Markle’s expertise and incredible ‘bedside’ manner much appreciated. All my questions were answered as thoroughly as possible and the required steps in preparation, procedure and recovery were clearly communicated. Thank you. Now all that remains is the healing and return to normal function, a process in which I gladly offer my full participation.

Jamie McPhail

I am getting my life back thanks for Dr. Schultz and the PICL procedure. It has been nothing short of a miracle for me. I went from barely being able to walk down a hallway to walking over 2 miles for exercise daily. I had horrible neurological symptoms that felt life threatening and those are all 99% gone. I think about the clinic every single day and how grateful I am they saved my life. I had just graduated with my Master’s degree, but had a head injury. Over years my life deteriorated going from specialist to specialist. John Schultz understood my condition and that was such a relief from the start. The clinic is outstandingly clean, professional and I always feel in good hands. Thank you so much.

Katharine Hauge

Physical Therapist, Referral Partner

I have well over a dozen clients who have greatly benefited from procedures done at this clinic and have avoided major surgery as a result. The physicians here are at the top of their game and continue to lead the way with cutting edge regenerative medicine techniques. Their expertise speaks for itself that customers come from all over the country to seek their expertise.