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Muscle weakness after knee surgery

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Muscel weakness after knee surgery is a serious complication that is often not mentioned to patients who elect to proceed with surgery. Muscel weakness after knee surgery can arise from a number of factors including damage to a nerve, inappropriate positioning and severe pain which impedes rehabilitation.

There are many risks associated with knee surgery including but not limited to bleeding infection, failure, pulmonary embolus, complications associated with anesthesia and possible death. Muscel weakness after knee surgery along with the other common complications raises significant concern about knee surgery. The New England Journal of Medicine published a study that demonstrated that knee arthroscopy in patients with osteoarthritis is no better than physical therapy and medical management.

Utilizing your own stem cells to regenerate cartilage in the knee is now an alternative to surgery. Regenexx enables the patient to use their own stem cells to regenerate cartilage.

Centeno et al reported significant cartilage growth following stem cell therapy as measured by MRI. Patients who have undergone stem cell therapy have been able to have a reduction in their pain and an increase in their function. This allows patients to forgo the risks of surgery and anesthesia. Regenexx is a novel technique utilizing a patients own stem cell for the regeneration of knee cartilage so muscel weakness after surgery does not occur to anyone.


Download your free copy of Dr. Chris Centeno’s groundbreaking work on knee health and how Interventional Orthopedics can help you avoid life-altering surgery.