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New Interventional Orthopedics Atlas

Atlas of Interventional Orthopedic Procedures

Writing a textbook is an enormous undertaking.  In creating a first of its kind, comprehensive textbook in Interventional Orthopedic Procedures, authors Williams, Sussman and Pitts have established a new benchmark in the field.  Congratulations to its authors for their dedication, foresight and commitment to the advancement of Interventional Orthopedics. 

What Is Interventional Orthopedics? 

Interventional Orthopedics is a new medical specialty that utilizes the unlimited potential of PRP,  bone marrow concentrate and other substrates in the treatment of common orthopedic conditions.  To better understand the field and its importance please click below.


The New Groundbreaking Publication

Atlas of Interventional Orthopedics Procedure: Essential Guide for Fluoroscopy and Ultrasound Guided Procedures is the first comprehensive textbook that provides easy to follow, step by step guidance on spinal and peripheral joint injections.  It provides practical content in one authoritative, user-friendly text.  It is abundantly illustrated and easy to read.  It reviews the basics of both ultrasound and x-ray imaging along with the different injectable therapeutic options such as PRP, bone marrow concentrate and adipose.   There are dedicated chapters for the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine in additional to all the major peripheral joints. An advanced section covers important topics that include treatment of problematic calcified tendons, release of trigger finger, ultrasound guided excision of bone spurs and intraosseous injections. 

The Authors

Dr. Christopher Williams

Dr. Williams is a United States Airforce veteran and graduate of Emory University School of Medicine.  He completed his residency in Physical Medicine at Emory University along with a Fellowship in Interventional  Orthopedics at the Centeno-Schultz Clinic.  He is board certified in Physical Medicine.  He has an exceptional Interventional Orthopedics practice in Atlanta. 

Dr. John Pitts

Dr. Pitts graduated from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and completed his residency in Physical Medicine at Emory University. He completed his fellowship in Interventional Orthopedics at the Centeno-Schultz Clinic.  He joined the staff thereafter and has been the director of the fellowship program.  He is a highly skilled, board-certified physician that has blessed our staff and community.  If you are ever in our Broomfield clinic and hear a loud, deep laughter that makes you smile that is Dr. Pitts. This is his signature laugh.  We, like the patients love it. 

Dr. Walter Sussman

Dr. Sussman is a board-certified physician in physical medicine and rehabilitation with sports medicine fellowship. He is in private practice in Boston.