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New Perspective: Ortho 2.0

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Everyone told Christopher Columbus that the world was flat.

Friends told the Wright brothers that birds were the only creatures capable of flight.

A paradigm shift was required.  This also applies to medicine. The time has come to focus not on joint replacement but on joint restoration and repair.     Dr. Centeno has termed this Ortho 2.o.   Ortho 2.0 has a bigger focus beyond just fixing one part of the musculoskeletal system (bone, joints, muscles, tendon, and ligaments).   When the focus shifts to repair, the amount one needs to know about the joint increases exponentially.  There are four principal elements which are addressed when evaluating a gvien joint: (S.A.N.A.)

ORTHO 2.0 : S.A.N.A.

S: stabilization

A: articulation

N: neurologic

A: alignment

Injection of magic stem cells alone is not sufficient for joint restoration.  Multiple studies have shown that just injecting stem cells into a joint blindly is not that effective.  For the best clinical outcomes, each of the factors listed above must be evaluated and treated. At Regenerative Sciences and The Centeno-Schultz Clinic this is the standard.  Case examples utilizing the S.A.N.A. paradigm will be in future blogs.

It is truly a new day:)