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NSAID’s and Alzheimer’s Disease

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Non steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAID) are one of the most commonly used and prescribed class of medications.  As a staff physician at Fort Bragg, Motrin was the most commonly dispensed medication.  Soilders would receive large vials containing 60 to 100 tablets of Motrin to manage the aches and pains of forced road marches, night air drops and survival drills.  Common examples of NSAID’s include Motrin, Alleve, Celebrex and Naprosyn.

Unfortunately a recent publication demonstrated a strong link between NSAID’s and Alzheimer’s disease.  2,736 patient were studied over a 12 year period illustrating a strong correlation between NSAID’s and the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease.

There are other significant health concerns associated with the use of NSAID’s.

Celebrex increases your cardiac risk about the same as if your were diagnosed with diabetes.

NSAID’s when taken for 60 days or more are associated with a 1 in 1,200 death rate, typically due to GI bleed.

What is the alternative? Omega-3 fish oil.  Dr. Joe Maroon, the team physician for the Steelers and neurosurgeon at UMPC demonstrated that by using omega-3 fish oil,  he was able to discontinue NSAID’s in 60% of his patients.

Yoga bear had it right…….

Yoga avoided NSAID's
Yoga avoided NSAID’s