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Osteoarthritis is a common disorder affecting nearly 27 million Americans.

knee osteoarthritisIt is is a clinical syndrome in which low-grade inflammation results in pain in the joints, caused by abnormal wearing of the cartilage that covers and acts as a cushion inside joints and destruction or decrease of synovial fluid that lubricates those joints. As the bone surfaces become less well protected by cartilage, the patient experiences pain upon weight bearing, including walking and standing.

Arthroscopic knee surgery is a common therapy used by orthopedic doctors to treat osteoarthritis of the knee.  A small camera is inserted into the knee joint through a small incision which provides a direct look into the knee and surrounding structures.  In knee arthroscopic surgery if damage to the knee ligaments is detected, knee ligament surgery will be performed where they trim or cut our the damaged ligaments.  If damage of the meniscus is visualized, meniscus knee surgery will be performed.

Unfortunately knee arthroscopy for osteoarthritis of the knee is no more effective than physical and medical therapy as reported by The New England Jounral of Medicine.  The study concluded: arthroscopic surgery for osteoarthritis of the knee provides no additional benefit to optimized physical and medical therapy.

So if knee  pain and function are not improved in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee, what alternatives exist.  At Regenexx, utilizing a patient’s own stem cells,  knee cartilage has been increased which resulted in a reduction in pain and increase in function.  The procedure is a simple, needle in, needle out procedure conducted in the clinic under x-ray.

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