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Pain in the Back of the Knee

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Vlog inside knee pain

Dr. Chris Centeno


Hi, this is Dr. Centeno. We’re going to talk about the pain in the back of the knee. What does that mean and what’s wrong? So is this you? Do you have pain that’s primarily in the back part of your knee?


Pain in the Back of the Knee: 5 Possibilities

First off, this is where the hamstrings and calf muscles attach. They have tendons here that are inserted into the bone. So if there’s a problem in the muscle or the tendon, you’re going to feel it right here. back of the knee pain This is also where deep muscles like the popliteus and plantaris live. So, if these have issues, you’re going to feel it in the back of the knee.

In addition, the tibial nerve is back here. So if there’s an issue with a nerve in your back or a nerve locally, behind the knee, you’re going to feel it here.

tibial nerve may the source of pain in the back of the knee
Tibial Nerve

And the meniscus or the joint spacer lives back here. So a tear in the meniscus could cause pain.

baker's cyst might be the source of pain in the back of the knee It’s also possible to get what’s known as a “baker’s cyst,” which is really just a blow out the Synovial lining, or the back wall of the knee joint.


So, how can you tell if you have one of these–

Either a muscle-tendon problem, a nerve issue, a tear in your meniscus, or a baker’s cyst?


If it’s a muscle-tendon issue…

Well, if it’s a muscle issue or a muscle-tendon issue, you generally have tightness in the muscle and you can feel that tightness. In addition, the tendons themselves may be tender.


If It’s a Nerve Issue…

If it’s a nerve issue, you might have numbness, tingling, burning, or electrical sensations in the leg or foot.

Also, realize that the nerves in your back can cause the same problem. And that might be if you have back pain or, maybe if you don’t have a lot of back pain right now, you’ve had back problems in the past.


If It’s a Meniscus Tear…

A meniscus tear can also cause it, which is going to be local pain in the back of the joint. Now just be very, very careful, because most middle-aged or older patients have meniscus tears. They’re like wrinkles.

So just because some doctor took an MRI, and it shows a meniscus tear does not mean that that’s the cause of your pain. In addition, meniscus surgery has been shown in multiple high-level studies to be no better than sham or placebo. So don’t get your meniscus operated on. Could also be a baker says you’ll feel fluid at the back of your knee and this will get bigger with more activity and smaller with less activity. So to find out more about how to fix these problems without surgery, and by using advanced regenerative medicine,

And thanks so much for watching “Pain in the Back of the Knee.


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