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Cyclist Off To Great Start With A Non-Surgical Option

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[quote]Dr. Schultz and Hanson made me a believer in non-surgical knee repair. I had a snow mobile accident that resulted in a torn medial meniscus and a torn MCL. Having never had knee problems and living a very active lifestyle I was devastated when my ortho quickly suggested surgery and wanted to schedule me immediately. I researched non-surgical techniques and contacted The Centeno-Schultz Clinic about PRP. His team was highly skilled in the processing of my blood and the injections were successful- I’m back on the road bike logging lots of base miles and looking forward to a great cycling season! Thanks Doc! NO SURGERY NEEDED! You made me a believer!! Best-John S. (Broomfield)[/quote]

Case: 47 y/o athletic patient  s/p snowmobile injury on boy’s weekend presented to Centeno-Schultz Clinic with 5 week history of right knee pain.  The pain was intermittent in frequency, progressive in nature and localized on anteromedial aspect without radiations.

Traveling at 30mph on his snowmobile JS attempt to achieve glory.  Unfortunately he was cut short as the snowmobile started to tip over.  In an effort to prevent a rollover, JS flung his right leg out which was subsequently torqued inward with onset of severe right knee pain and swelling.

Aggravating factors include:  prolonged standing, transitioning from lying to standing position.  Alleviating factors included:  rest and NSAID.

MRI was significant for partial tear of MCL, complex tear of the posterior horn and minor tear in anterior horn of medial meniscus.

Meniscus tears are often treated surgically where the torn meniscus is ‘cut out”.  JS declined this option recognizing that such a procedure was not guaranteed to improve his pain and may actually accelerate the degenerative process.

Treatment involved ultrasound guided pre-injection of prolotherapy followed by ultrasound guided injection of Regenexx  SCP into the meniscus tears and torn MCL.  Both injections were performed at Centeno-Schultz clinic and did not require any sedation.

Two months post injection JS is reaching for glory again.  He is riding hard, performing interval training mixed with sprints…