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Prolotherapy and Pelvic Pain

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Saw a patient in clinic today who graciously has  allowed me to share her tale.

35 y/o female with 5 year history of pelvic pain which was constant induration, 5/10 in severity, localized at the level of her pubic bone with radiations into the left groin.

The pain was sharp in character, progressive in nature and not associated with any trauma.  It developed after the birth of her second child.  Pain prevented her from exercising, lifting and caring for her children and focusing on her work.

Two continents, 12 doctors, CAT scans, MRIs, exploratory surgery, hernia repair, trial of muscle relaxants, narcotics, physical therapy had not afforded the patient any pain relief.

Physical examination was significant for acute tenderness directly over the pubis symphysis.

The pubic symphysis is a joint composed of cartilage which joins the two pelivc bones together.  It is rich in ligaments and tendons.

Prolotherapy is the injection of ligaments to initiate a healing response.  No steroids are used.

Three session of prolotherapy provided the patient with 80% reduction in her pain.  Intermittent x-ray was used to confirm accurate placment of both the needle and medication .  Prolotherapy has been effective treatment of many ligament disorders at the Centeno-Schultz Clinic  including elbow, knee, ankle and pelvic ligaments.

Prolotherapy of Pubis Symphysis ADF