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Prolotherapy delivers relief from low back and hip pain

| | Back (Spine), Hip
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SI Instability

What did the Centeno Clinic do to help this patient?:
Provided 3 sessions of Prolo Therapy, under x-ray guidance.

Duration of pain:
5 years

Severity of pain:

Brief summary of the patients pain and history, and subjective description:
Years of pain in left SI joint made life tough. Went to chiropracters, did acupuncture, osteopathy and physical therapy, they were no help and a waste of money.

Description of the Centeno Clinic findings:
After an evaluation it was clear that SI instability was the cause of the pain. Dr. Cetneno decided to do Prolo Therapy. By injecting hypertonic dextrose solution into the joint, the body was prompted to heal itself without surgery. After the procedure, John was able to function in everyday life. His pain was reduced from a constant 7/10 pain, to a 2/10. John is now back to doing the things he loves thanks to this innovative treatment provided by Dr. Centeno.

Previous Diagnosis(es):
Low back pain, unable to find the cause.

Centeno Clinic Treatments:

Centeno Clinic Diagnosis(es):
SI instability

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