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PRP and Athletic Injuries

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Wanted to share the treatment of a local sports personality who responded well to PRP therapy.

Patient suffered an injury to the semimembranous which is one of the three muscles that comprise the hamstring.  He had significant pain in the back of this thigh which limited his ability to run.  he had point tenderness on examination with swelling and bruising.

The semimembranosus muscle allows us to flex the knee, extend the hip and rotate our hip inwardly when the knee is flexed.


MRI demonstrated a tear in the muscle which is identified by the white arrow.

MRI of semimembranous

Patient underwent  a concentrated injection of his own platelets into the area of injury to stimulate repair.  This concentrate is referred to as platelet rich plasma (PRP).  Platelets are rich in growth factors which have been demonstrated to promote natural healing. After two injections the patient had 80% improvement and was able to return to playing.  PRP therapy affords patients a natural healing treatment with minimal downtime and the potential for significant results.

PRP has been successfully used in professional athletes as witnessed by the treatments of Hines Ward  prior to the Superbowl.

PRP is just one of the regenerative therapies utilized at he Centeno-Schultz Clinic.