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Recovery from knee replacement surgery is extensive.  The knee is a complex joint which involves muscles, ligaments and cartilage.


Knee replacement surgery is a major undertaking and involves cutting the ends of both the femur and the tibial plateau not to mention the supporting muscles and ligaments.  A prosthesis is then inserted with the expectation that it will fit correctly and function similar to one’s God given joint. 


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Risks of knee replacement surgeryinclude but are not limited to blood clot formation, infection, stiffness, implant loosening and failure.  Revision of total knee implants are ………………  The patient is also exposed to the inherent risks of anesthesia.

Postoperatively the patient is placed in a continuous passive motion machine (CPM) that constantly moves the knee.   Next the patient transitioned to a walker or crutches with extensive and often painful physical therapy.  Physical therapy while time consuming and painful not only  is essential but  is a critical part of the rehabilitation.

Now patients have an alternative to knee surgery, knee replacement and the extensive post knee surgery recovery process.  Regenexallows a patient to use their own stem cells to regenerate damaged cartilage.  Centeno published a study which clearly demonstrated an increase in knee  cartilage after stem cell therapy.  Avoid the lengthy painful recovery from knee replacement surgeryby using our own stem cells. To hear a testimonial of a patient who underwent stem therapy rather than surgery please click on video .

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