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CCI Research & Safety

Our Research on Regenerative Treatments for CCJ Instability

Is the PICL Procedure Safe?

We have been performing the PICL procedure since 2014. We took the adoption and development of this technique very slowly, adding advancements as we learned more. Given our experience to date, we can safely say that the procedure has produced no severe adverse events that were no easily treated. In addition, based on the published rates of complications with CCJ surgeries, the risk profile of the PICL procedure is far less than these procedures. Additional research continues and we will continue to publish our procedural results and complications.

Current Research Study – Randomized Controlled Trial

We have an open CCJ instability randomized controlled trial that is recruiting patients. This is a no charge study where patients will be randomized to either the PICL procedure or a sham procedure. Patients who receive the sham procedure will have the opportunity to cross over into the actual PICL procedure at the 6-month mark. See this link on this CCJ instability study for more information. Contact Ehren, our clinical study coordinator, at edodson@regenexx.com.