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RX Back Disks Without Surgery

RX Back Disks Without Surgery is essential and will be the cornerstone of  regenerative medicine.  RX Back Disks Without Surgery is essential to the avoid the complications and risksassociated with back surgery.  Four year follow up study by Weber  demonstrated no significant difference between patients who underwent surgery and those who had conservative therapy

The lumbar spine has five discs which function to absorb the forces of daily activity.  The disk is made up of two principal parts:  the nucleus populous and the annulus fibrous.

The annulus can be thought of as the sidewall of a tire.  It provides the essential strength to the disk.  When there is weakness is the annulus the disc can protrude or herniate.

A protruding disc can compress a nerve root thereby causing back and leg pain.  At the Centeno-Schultz Clinicanti-inflammatory medications are injected  with the assistance of  x-ray adjacent to the damaged disc and irritated nerve root with the intent of reducing the inflammation and pain.





RX Back Disks Without Surgery is an integral part of Regenexx  where one’s one stem cells are injected into the disc with the intent of strengthening the sidewall of the disc, reducing the compression of the disc on the nerve root and reducing the pain.  Our patients have the benefit of RX Back Disks Without Surgery by utilizing their own stem cells to regenerate their damage disc tissue.  Please see the MRI of our patients prior to and following stem cell therapy. Note the reduction in the L5/S1 disc bulge which was accompanied by elimination of the patients leg pain.


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