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Spine MRI

Large Disc Herniation

Below is an image of a large disc herniation. We treated this patient with our fourth-generation platelet lysate that was injected around the nerves epidural. You can see a humongous disc bulge herniation below on the before image and obviously you don’t see that in the post-procedure image on the right.

Lumbar Disc Annular Tear

This is a high intensity zone tear. It’s the bright spot in the circle and is the tear in the disc. You can see in the after image that the tear is no longer present. This was accomplished by precisely injecting the patient’s own bone marrow concentrate, which contained their stem cells, into the damaged disc.


This is an image of a college athlete who had a fracture you can view inside the circle on the before image. He was able to avoid low back fusion surgery as a result of his Regenexx-SD procedure.