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If you have pain, consider Regenexx® non-surgical regenerative injection treatments.

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  • Regenerative Treatments Help Your Body Heal Faster and More Complete.

  • Regenexx Patented Protocol is Designed to Produce the Best Possible Outcomes.

  • Regenexx Doctors are 100% Focused on Treating Orthopedic Conditions.

  • All Procedures Are Performed by Skilled Doctors

  • All Injections Use Advanced Image Guidance for Precise Placement of Cells.

  • Procedures are in Compliance with FDA Guidelines.

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Life’s too short to live in pain. Take advantage of new regenerative treatments that are helping people avoid joint replacement and other invasive surgeries. Get Regenexx® and get back to doing the activities you love!

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Regenexx Advanced Orthopedic Procedures

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About Regenerative Treatment Options for Arthritis and Injuries

Regenerative injection treatments are helping individuals avoid surgery and get back to their daily active lifestyles. These non-surgical treatments are designed to assist the body’s natural healing mechanisms by activating and increasing the local cells that are responsible for repairing damaged tissue.

The world’s top athletes are turning to Platelet Rich Plasma procedures to help get them back in the game, faster than would otherwise be possible. These regenerative treatments can help facilitate more complete healing of damaged tissue, even after previous surgeries.

Many older patients who have been told they need joint replacement are foregoing this life-altering surgery and staying active longer through the benefits of regenerative treatments.

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