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Patient suffered from radiating shoulder pain. The pain began insidiously and it was a crampy achy type of pain starting in the shoulder and radiating along the radial aspect of the arm to the thumb.

Result: Resolved in two months.

What did the Centeno Clinic do to help this patient?:

A series if IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation): IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation) and a course of MCU (Multiple Cervical Unit): MCU (Multiple Cervical Unit) He was also sent to physical therapy for postural dysfunction with the focus of a home program. Cervical MRI was performed to rule out herniation or foraminal stenosis.

Duration of pain:

Pain started about one year ago.

Severity of pain:

8/10 at worst.

Brief summary of the patients pain and history, and subjective description:

Patient has been seeing a chiropractor about one time a week. Massage did help for a short time as well as taking anti inflammatories. He had never had scans of his neck.

Description of the Centeno Clinic findings:

Rule out cervical radiculopathy. Possible cervical facet syndrome. Cervical myofascial pain. Left upper extremity myofascial pain.

Previous Diagnosis(es):

cervical subluxations and fascial pain treated with massage and chiropractic care.

Centeno Clinic Treatments:

A course of IMS dry needling and the MCU unit. Patient was sent for physical therapy to address the scapular stabilization problem and his postural dysfunction.