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The Centeno-Schultz Blog

Arm Pain at Night

Arm pain at night can be miserable.  The pain can interrupt your sleep and erode your quality of life. Irritability becomes increasingly more common.  What are the causes?  When should I worry about it?  What are the treatment options for arm pain at night? The neck is composed of 7 boney...

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Arm Throbbing

In many patients, irritated neck nerves don’t present as a symptom in the neck. In fact, sometimes the only symptoms of irritated nerves in the neck occur in the arm muscles, as either tightness, throbbing, or both. While the arm throbbing might be frustrating as it’s happening, you might not...

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Pain on Outside of Elbow

Pain on the outside of the elbow which is referred to as lateral epicondylitis can be disabling. Typically seen in 30-60 year olds, patients complain of point tenderness over the outside aspect of the elbow ( lateral epicondyle) aggravated by gripping and activities that extend the wrist. The pain is...

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