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Our Approach to Postural Restoration

The approach of restoring the body, both skeletally and muscularly, to a balance state/position.   Only then can one maximize the efficiency of the body’s natural design, while consequently minimizing the negative effects of gravity.

A two stage approach involving the following:

Stage One – Straighten

The idea of postural balance is educated to the patient first as a practical approach to reducing mechanical stress through their joints while simultaneously maximizing the efficiency of their muscles.  Initially, educational charts and models are incorporated for this purpose.  Patient’s are then brought through a methodical process of building a more symmetrical orientation through their load bearing joints beginning in standing to accomplish this goal.  Visual biofeedback tools (full length mirror, vertical/horizontal grid) are incorporated during this learning stage to instill in the patient a greater sense of position sense regarding the positioning of their bodies in space.  Once the patient develops the appropriate proprioceptive sense/visual cues learned from this exercise they can then strive to construct and maintain this postural alignment in other positions such as sitting, walking, etc.

Stage Two – Strengthen

Once balance alignment is restored, the patient is transitioned to specific strengthen/stretching exercises to help maintain and sustain the improved alignment built in stage one.