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The Centeno-Schultz Blog

What Is the Success Rate of C1-C2 Fusion?

  The upper neck and head pain was unrelenting and did not responed to conservative care or medications. Your doctor wants to refer you to a surgeon for possible fusion.  What is the C1?  What is the C2?  What is the Atlantoaxial (AA)  Joint? What are the key components of the AA Joint?  What is … Continued

Can you avoid golfer's elbow surgery

Golfer’s Elbow – What You Need to Know BEFORE Seeing a Surgeon

“Hey doc! My elbow hurts.” – Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon thing I hear from people on the golf course, at the gym, or in clinic. Medial epicondylitis, also known as golfer’s elbow, climber’s elbow, common flexor tendinosis, and others, affects people from a variety of occupations and activities and is certainly not limited … Continued

How To Heal A Torn Meniscus Naturally

If you have, or suspect you have a torn meniscus, and you’re wondering how to heal a torn meniscus naturally, you’ve landed on the right post. You may be wondering: Do I need surgery? Can you heal a torn meniscus naturally? The short answer is: It depends. What Is a Meniscus? The meniscus is a … Continued

what is the Atlanto-Occipital joint

What Is the Atlanto-Occipital (AO) Joint

The pain at the base of your skull is getting worse.  It started gradually and now has gotten worse.  Rest, massage, Motrin, and physical therapy has not helped.  It is beginning to erode the quality of your life.  Your PCP wants to start migraine medication, but the list of side effects is scary.  Your chiropractor … Continued

what is the Atlantoaxial joint

What Is the Atlantoaxial Joint?

The headaches and upper neck pain are getting worse. Medication and therapy has not helped.  Radiographic studies are normal. Your chiropractor thinks it may be coming from your upper neck.   What is the Atlas? What is the Axis bone?  What is the Atlantoaxial joint? What are the key components of the Atlantoaxial Joint? What is … Continued

jugular vein compression due to craniocervical junction disorders

Craniocervical Junction Disorders: Jugular Vein Compression

The dizziness began as you abruptly turned your head. It has happened several times and you are concerned.  Your doctor wants to order some lab and radiographic tests.  He is not certain as to what is causing your symptoms.  What is the Craniocervical Junction?  What is a Craniocervical Junction Disorder? What causes Craniocervical Junction Disorders? … Continued

Radial Nerve Palsy

Radial Nerve Palsy

Radial Nerve Palsy is a term we use when there has been an injury to the radial nerve.  Commonly the nerve becomes compressed and affects the function of the nerve leading to weakness in the muscles innervated by the nerve, such as in a wrist drop. Today we are going to take a deep dive … Continued

What is Craniocervical Junction?

What Is the Craniocervical Junction?

The headaches started abruptly and without warning.  They are not like the headaches due to excessive alcohol or disagreements with the in-laws.  The headaches have not responded to medications or rest. You and your family are concerned.  Your doctor thinks you may have a problem in the upper neck.  He mentioned something about the Craniocervical … Continued

Rotator Cuff Tear Relief Without Surgery

Rotator Cuff Tear Relief Without Surgery: A How-To Guide

INTRODUCTION: Welcome to the the How-to Guide for Rotator Cuff Tear Relief Without Surgery. If you want to avoid Rotator Cuff surgery, you’re in the right place! Let’s start with the basics. Basics The basics of Rotator Cuff tears include 4 different muscles, 1 in the front, 1 on the top and 2 in the … Continued

What Is an Upright MRI? Can It Diagnose CCJ Instability? [VLOG]

Hey, it’s Dr. Centeno. And what is an Upright MRI? And can it diagnose CCJ instability? So, CCJ Instability means that the upper neck bones move around too much due to lax ligaments. Lots of different ligaments up there that can be torn, partially torn, stretched, or just loose due to other problems. And there … Continued