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Craniocervical Instability Surgery: Not the Only Option

Craniocervical instability surgery is major surgery. Dr, Schultz discusses what craniocervical instability is, the most common symptoms, common causes, treatment options, craniocervical instability surgery, its risks, and a new groundbreaking nonsurgical treatment option.

7 Most Common Symptoms of a Loose Knee Replacement

Walking became impossible.  Each step was associated with severe pain.  Knee replacement seemed like a good solution.  Unfortunately, months after the surgery problems exist.  Your doctor thinks you have a loose knee replacement.  What is a knee replacement?  What causes a knee replacement to become loose?  What are the 7 most common symptoms of a … Continued

PRP for UCL Injury – PRP Injections for UCL Tear

Dr. Pitts Talks About PRP for UCL Injury as an Alternative to Tommy John Surgery Transcript Hi everybody. This is Dr. John Pitts with the Centeno-Schultz Clinic, where we lead and invented much of the field of Interventional Orthopedics and regenerative medicine. Mainly we treat most musculoskeletal and orthopedic problems with injections of your own … Continued

Non-Surgical Peripheral Nerve Treatment

Nerves typically become injured via compression. They get compressed in fascial layers. The compression usually happens through scar tissue formation, bone spurs, and tight muscles can compress the nerves. Tight muscles can also push the nerves into a bony prominence, or get stretched around a bone. So What Is a Hydrodissection? Non-Surgical Peripheral Nerve Treatment … Continued

Degenerative Scoliosis? Exciting New Non-surgical Treatment Option

Degenerative scoliosis is a medical condition that involves side bending in the spine. Dr. Schultz discusses what degenerative scoliosis is, how it is diagnosed, the most common symptoms, the Cobb Angle, whether it can be reversed, current treatment options, and a new, non-surgical treatment option at the Centeno-Schultz Clinic.

Multifidus Pain: A New Free Study for Patients with Ongoing Low Back Pain

The multifidus muscle is an important stabilizer of the lumbar spine. Dr. Schultz discusses what the multifidus muscle is, its importance, what muscle atrophy is, the association between multifidus atrophy and low back pain, and a new, exciting study at the Centeno-Schultz Clinic using PRP injections.

Neck Ligament Laxity Treatment: A Breakthrough Nonsurgical Option is Now Available

Neck ligament laxity can be debilitating. Dr. Schultz discusses what neck ligament laxity is, the 8 most common symptoms, the causes, how it is diagnosed, treatment options including a revolutionary nonsurgical treatment, and a must-read new book that provides insight and hope for those that suffer from neck ligament laxity.

How to Read Knee MRI

  Transcript for “How to Read Knee MRI” Hi, this is Dr. Centeno and I’d like to go over how to read knee MRI. I got the idea for this when a friend had a knee injury, got an MRI, was sent home with the CD, and just jumped on the internet to try to … Continued

symptoms of a loose knee replacement

7 Most Common Symptoms of a Loose Knee Replacement

Knee replacement is a major surgery in which the damaged knee is amputated and replaced with an artificial joint. Dr. Schultz discusses what knee replacement surgery is, what causes a knee replacement to become loose, the 7 most common symptoms of a loose knee replacement, and effective nonsurgical treatment options.

shoulder popping no pain

Shoulder Popping with No Pain: Know When To Be Concerned

Shoulder popping can be concerning. Dr. Schultz reviews the key structures in the shoulder, the 6 major causes of shoulder popping with no pain, how to determine whether you should be concerned, why it’s important not to wait for the pain to set in, and your best nonsurgical treatment options.