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knee arthritis

Arthritis in Knee? Here’s What to Know

Every day we evaluate patients who have been seen by an orthopedic surgeon and have been told they need a total joint replacement. These surgeries require long recoveries and risk major complications so naturally, patients are looking for an alternative to allow them to return to their active lives without the need for such invasive … Continued

Pes Anserine Bursitis

Pes Anserine Bursitis

Knee pain located at the lower inside of the knee can be caused by Pes Anserine Bursitis, which is irritation of the tendons that run on the inside aspect of the knee. Commonly mistaken for arthritic pain, meniscal pain, and sometimes nerve pain from the low back! Don’t be misdiagnosed, and let’s dive in below … Continued

Craniocervical Instability & Ehlers Danlos Syndrome: Know the Facts

Gymnastics and yoga were easy as you were super flexible.  With continued training your shoulders and knees kept popping out of place.  A series of small but significant traumas left you sidelined both from athletics, academics and socially.  Brain fog and fatigue were common themes.  You have seen countless physicians with conflicting information.  Your chiropractor … Continued

Do I Have Cervical Medullary Syndrome?

The headaches, dizziness, and brain fog have been unrelenting.  They started after a slow-speed rear-end motor vehicle accident and have been progressive.  Physical therapy, medications, and rest have failed to provide any benefit.  Referrals to specialists including neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, and neurosurgeons have been draining and discouraging.  Many physicians are dismissive and recommend psychological counseling.  … Continued

What Are the Long-Term Effects of Chiari Decompression Surgery?  The Facts You Need to Know

The headaches, neck pain and dizziness are debilitating and getting worse.  Conservative treatments and medications have failed.  Your doctor has referrred you to a neurosurgeon.  He mentioned Chiari Decompression surgery.  What is a Chiari Malformation?  What are the three different types of Chiari Malformations? What are the symptoms of Chiari Malformation? What is Chiari Decompression … Continued

back of knee swollen

Back of Knee Swollen?

Back of knee swollen? Swelling in the back of the knee is not something that is talked about too often. It can be uncomfortable or sometimes painful with the movement of the knee or, even with rest. It often stems from an orthopedic-related issue or, perhaps some other medical condition. Let’s dive in… What’s Causes … Continued

plantar fasciitis so bad I can't walk

Plantar Fasciitis So Bad I Can’t Walk! What to Do

    Your heel pain initially was mild and aching. It is now a constant forest fire at the base of your heel.  Each morning you take your first step with great trepidation knowing that the searing pain is literally a step away.  Medications, rest and physical therapy have not helped.  Your doctor is concerned … Continued


Chondromalacia – Everything You Need to Know

Chondromalacia translates to “cartilage that is bad”. Typically, this refers to cartilage in the knee or behind the Patella specifically, that is getting frayed, injured, or softened. If this occurs behind the kneecap, it is called Patella Chondromalacia. Download our e-book “The Knee Owner’s Manual” for more information about knee conditions. Symptoms of Chondromalacia: Chondromalacia … Continued

What Is a Chiari Malformation? All You Need to Know

The headaches and neck pain got worse over time.  The dizziness made simple tasks challenging.  Medications and physical therapy did not help.  Your doctor is concerned and thinks you may have a Chiari Malformation.  What is a Chiari Malformation (CM)? What are the different types of Chiari Malformations? What are the symptoms of a Chiari … Continued

PCL sprain

PCL Sprain: Your Complete Guide

What is a PCL Sprain? To answer that question we need to begin with some knee anatomy. Your knee is held together by ligaments, which are tough connective tissues that have a lot of strong collagen fibers in it. These structures provide stability from all motion. You have ligaments on the medial side (inside of … Continued