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Cervical Fusion: The Truth That You Need to Know!

The neck pain started out gradually but continued despite conservative care and medications.  Your doctor referred you for a surgical consultation.  What is Cervical Fusion?  Are there different types of Cervical Fusions? What happens during surgery? What are the indications for Neck Fusion surgery? What is the recovery from Neck Fusion? What are the complications … Continued

Alar Ligament

What Is the Alar Ligament?

Introduction Medicine is highly specialized now.  Each specialty has a series of checkboxes that patient’s symptoms nicely fit into.  For example, irregular heart rhythm with abnormal ECG is a cardiology problem.  Shortness of breath with abnormal chest x-ray can be effectively evaluated and treated by a pulmonologist.  Unfortunately, the symptoms and presentation of patients with … Continued

blog banner -Understanding Cervical spine instability measurements

Understanding Cervical Spine Instability Measurements

Cervical Spine Instability Measurements: How To Precisely Interpret Them It was all a blur. You were waiting for the red light to change when a large truck slammed into your vehicle. You did not see the approaching vehicle but heard the skidding tires.  The brain fog, dizziness, and fatigue have not responded to conservative therapy.  … Continued

atlantodens interval

What Is the Atlantodens Interval? A QuickStart Guide

The headaches and dizziness became progressive in nature and responsive to conservative care. Chiropractic adjustments provided only  transient relief as you could not maintain your adjustment.  A surgeon reviewed your history, symptoms and radiographic studies.  He mentioned different measurements that were abnormal.  What is the Atlantodens Interval? What is the Atlas?  What is the Axis … Continued

Lower Back Pain When Sitting: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment Options

Introduction:  Lower Back Pain When Sitting After a long day on your feet sitting down is supposed to be way to relaxing.  Unfortunately for some sitting for any length of time can be painful.  Most people experience low back pain at some point in their life. The lifetime prevalence of low back pain is 85% … Continued

Differences Between a Normal vs Abnormal Cervical Spine MRI

The neck pain was unrelenting and unresponsive to conservative care.  Simple tasks and motions were impossible.  At times there were sharp, shooting pains radiating down your arm with accompanying numbness and tingling. Your doctor ordered a Cervical MRI and you are awaiting the results.  What is a Cervical MRI?  How does an MRI work? Does … Continued

stiff neck?

Stiff Neck: Causes, Related Conditions, Remedies, & Treatment

A stiff neck happens when muscles of the neck are strained or tense. It can sometimes be remedied at home, but when that fails, medical treatments are also available. Stiff Neck Conventional wisdom states that stiff neck symptoms can be treatable with nonsurgical remedies. However, not all stiff neck symptoms are benign, and leaving the … Continued

What is Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome New Treatment Options

What Is Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome: A Quick-Start Guide

In high school and college your hyperflexibility was remarkable.  The splits and advanced yoga postures were executed without difficulty or significant stretching. Then pain and joint instability became an issue limiting your activity.  Your orthopedic specialist told you everything is fine and you simply suffered a sprain.  Your PT thinks your may have a problem … Continued