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shoulder osteoarthritis

HGH for osteoarthritis

HGH for Osteoarthritis?

I love to write about what I experience, so this weekend a question came across social media about using HGH for osteoarthritis. While this has been the subject of some interesting airline magazine advertising for years, this patient sent along an article for me to review. Hence, I thought it was time to visit this … Continued

retears after rotator cuff surgery

Retears After Rotator Cuff Surgery In Those With Shoulder Arthritis

If you have arthritis in your shoulder joint, does this mean that a surgery to fix your rotator cuff tear is more or less likely to fail? A new study investigated that issue and found some surprising things. So let’s review what we know about rotator cuff tears and then let’s delve into what the … Continued

severe shoulder arthritis

Can a Stem Cell Injection Treat Severe Shoulder Arthritis?

Our bodies shouldn’t be treated like machines in which if a part breaks down, like a shoulder or a knee, for example, we just replace it. Yet this is often the result in the traditional orthopedic-care model. With severe shoulder arthritis, and other musculoskeletal conditions, when conservative treatments are no longer effective and dangerous drugs, … Continued

arthritis causing event

Have You Experienced an “Arthritis Causing Event”?

We talk a lot about arthritis that can occur from wear and tear to a joint with aging. This is because gradual wear and tear as we age is the most common reason arthritis occurs; however, arthritis can also result from a prior injury. The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis (OA) with about … Continued

steroid shots for arthritis

Steroid Shots for Arthritis Are a Bad Combination

Let’s face it. No arthritis sufferer becomes overjoyed at the thought of getting steroid shots. Steroids are riddled with many well-known side effects, such as weight gain, changes in behavior or mood, headaches, and so on. While arthritis pain may be difficult to bear at times, none of us want the added discomfort of dealing … Continued

orthobiologics to treat arthritis

Using Orthobiologics to Treat and Prevent Arthritis

Today, May 1, marks the beginning of National Arthritis Month, which occurs in May of every year. According to the Arthritis Foundation, one in five adults will be afflicted with arthritis. This makes it the front-runner for disability in the U.S., something we in the field of interventional orthopedics are determined to address. So throughout … Continued