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alternatives to laminectomy

Alternatives to Laminectomy

If you have had an MRI of your spine, you are probably like most patients. You read the MRI report and then google every term on your MRI report from the Radiologist trying to figure out what it all means! Alternatives to Laminectomy should be an important part of that search. Today you’re in luck, … Continued

are there alternatives to back surgery for spinal stenosis

Are There Alternatives to Back Surgery for Spinal Stenosis?

Back pain can be disabling and can arise from many conditions such disc herniation, disc protrusion, and spinal stenosis. Today we’ll be concentrating on spinal stenosis. How is it treated?  Is surgery needed? Are there alternatives to back surgery for spinal stenosis? What Is Spinal Stenosis? Lumbar stenosis is narrowing of the spinal canal and … Continued

Urgent Lumbar Fusion Surgery Canceled After Thorough Evaluation and PRP Injection

At the Centeno-Schultz Clinic, we are frequently consulted for second opinions. Patients and their physicians want us to dig deep and evaluate possible regenerative-treatment options. We take this seriously as we acknowledge the significant side effects associated with high-dose steroids and surgery. KD is a case in point. We evaluated him two weeks ago after … Continued