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PCL sprain

PCL Sprain: Your Complete Guide

What is a PCL Sprain? To answer that question we need to begin with some knee anatomy. Your knee is held together by ligaments, which are tough connective tissues that have a lot of strong collagen fibers in it. These structures provide stability from all motion. You have ligaments on the medial side (inside of … Continued

Knee Hyperextension – Symptoms, Causes, Prevention & Treatment Options

There are six different types of joints in the body. Saddle joint (i.e. Thumb) Gliding Joint (i.e. Wrist) Pivot joint (i.e. Forearm)   Condyloid joint (i.e. Jaw) Ball and Socket joint (i.e. Shoulder) Hinge Joint The hinge joint is like a door, opening and closing in one direction, along one plane. Examples include your elbow … Continued