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ehlers danlos syndrome eds

Craniocervical Instability & Ehlers Danlos Syndrome: Know the Facts

Gymnastics and yoga were easy as you were super flexible.  With continued training your shoulders and knees kept popping out of place.  A series of small but significant traumas left you sidelined both from athletics, academics and socially.  Brain fog and fatigue were common themes.  You have seen countless physicians with conflicting information.  Your chiropractor … Continued

EDS treatment for pain

Busy clinic week with several patients from aboard with a single question? Is there an Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) treatment for pain? Is there treatment for EDS pain? What is EDS? A group of inherited disorders that affect and weaken the connective tissues such as tendons and ligaments (1).  Primary sites of involvement include skin, joint … Continued

CSF Flow measurement

CSF Flow Measurement And Recovery From CCJ Instability

We’re nearing the quarter-century point of the 21st century, and technology in the field of medicine continues to advance at an incredibly fast pace. Thanks to advances in imaging technology, we’ll learn more in the following few decades about the neuromusculoskeletal system than we’ve learned in the past few hundred years. A clear example of … Continued

The Amazing Collapsing Boy

Our children are collapsing under the weight of gravity. Why? They look down all day at screens, and it just wreaks havoc on our posture. For some, this is a major problem now, and for others, this will be a problem in the future. So this morning I’ll talk about Seth, whom I’ll call the … Continued