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spinal stenosis

coflex implant

Coflex Implant: Complications to Know BEFORE This Procedure

Low back pain can be disabling and compromise one’s quality of life.  Lumbar stenosis is one of those disabling back issues.  But exactly what is lumbar stenosis?  What is a Coflex Implant?  How long does a Coflex Implant last?  Let’s dig in. What is Lumbar Stenosis? Lumbar stenosis is narrowing of the central spinal canal … Continued

71-Year-Old Avoids Knee Replacement With Regenexx Stem Cells

Skiing, cycling, or running is a way of life for many. Early mountain ascents up switchbacks or 30- to 40-mile bicycle rides are weekly occurrences. Weekends and holidays are organized around extending physical limits and or reducing times. Knee pain can seriously compromise an individual’s ability to ski, cycle, or run. Swelling and weakness can … Continued