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thumb arthritis

CMC Joint Pain

CMC Joint Anatomy and the Sources of CMC Joint Pain: A Must Read Summary

The thumb is also known as the CMC joint. Dr. Schultz discusses what the CMC joint is, the 5 major causes of CMC joint pain, what CMC joint osteoarthritis is, what causes it, the most common symptoms, how it is diagnosed, treatment options, and effective non-surgical treatment options.

hands stiff in the morning

Hands Stiff in the Morning: Why and Best Treatment Options

Hands stiff in the morning can be debilitating. Common causes include trauma, diet, medications, alcohol, chronic inflammation, and osteoarthritis. Dr. Schultz explains treatment options that include a novel, nonsurgical treatment that uses your body's own cells to treat hand stiffness and early arthritis.

HGH for osteoarthritis

HGH for Osteoarthritis?

I love to write about what I experience, so this weekend a question came across social media about using HGH for osteoarthritis. While this has been the subject of some interesting airline magazine advertising for years, this patient sent along an article for me to review. Hence, I thought it was time to visit this … Continued

prp vs steroid injection

Got Thumb Pain? PRP Is Superior to Steroids

Thumb pain can be debilitating, compromising one’s ability to perform the easiest of tasks. The pain can be unrelenting at times and compromise the competitive edge we all seek. Let’s review what the thumb joint is and treatment options. Understanding Thumb Anatomy There are five different types of bones in the hand, which is illustrated … Continued

thumb pain and arthritis

Why We Give Thumb Surgery a Big Thumbs-Down

In today’s world, driven full speed ahead by instant information on demand, even those of us who’ve spent the majority of our lives in the before-smart-devices era can no longer imagine life without them. Unfortunately, with this new way of high-technology living comes an increase in doctor’s visits for issues that were never a big … Continued

arthritis in smaller joints

Hands, Ankles, Wrists, and Toes…Arthritis in the Smaller Joints

During our arthritis series for National Arthritis Month, we’ve talked a lot about the big joints—the knees, hips, and shoulders. But arthritis in smaller joints, such as the hands, ankles, wrists, and toes, can be equally devastating. Today, we’re going to explore arthritis and regenerative treatments, including some patient results and videos, in the ankles … Continued

steroid shots for arthritis

Steroid Shots for Arthritis Are a Bad Combination

Let’s face it. No arthritis sufferer becomes overjoyed at the thought of getting steroid shots. Steroids are riddled with many well-known side effects, such as weight gain, changes in behavior or mood, headaches, and so on. While arthritis pain may be difficult to bear at times, none of us want the added discomfort of dealing … Continued

orthobiologics to treat arthritis

Using Orthobiologics to Treat and Prevent Arthritis

Today, May 1, marks the beginning of National Arthritis Month, which occurs in May of every year. According to the Arthritis Foundation, one in five adults will be afflicted with arthritis. This makes it the front-runner for disability in the U.S., something we in the field of interventional orthopedics are determined to address. So throughout … Continued

Thumb Pain: CMC Joint Arthritis

Thumb pain can be disabling.  A general understanding of the anatomy of the wrist and hand helps one understand possible sources of thumb pain. There are many bones in the hand but for this discussion we will limit it to two major groups:  the carpals and metacarpals. The carpals are eight small small bones bound in … Continued

Thumb Pain: Stem Cell Therapy

Specialized doctor discusses the use of autologous mesenchymal stem cells in the treatment of CMC joint arthritis.