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Regenexx® Procedures for Foot & Ankle

Including Platelet Procedures for Foot & Ankle conditions.

Am I a Candidate?

Regenexx® Procedures are the world’s most advanced injection treatments for treating foot and ankle conditions. Before you consider ankle surgery, fusion or replacement, consider the world’s leading bone marrow concentrate containing stem cells and PRP injection treatments. Our treatments for foot & ankles utilizes your own body’s healing power in very precise ways. 

Current surgical treatment options for common injuries and arthritis, include ankle arthroscopy to “clean up” damaged cartilage, fusion of ankle bones where cartilage has been lost, and tendon grafts screwed in place to strengthen loose connections between bones. All are painful and may not be effective in the long run. These surgeries typically involve a painful post-surgical recovery with a lengthy rehab period to restore strength and mobility to the ankle.

Commonly Treated Conditions:

  • Arthritis
  • Ankle Instability
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Peroneal tendon tear or split
  • Ligament sprain or tear
  • Sub-talar arthritis or instability
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome
  • Bunions
  • Plantar Plate Tear

Ankle Ligament Tears, Sprains and Instability of the Ankle Joint

When the ligaments that hold the bones of the ankle joint together are partially torn or stretched, as in the case of a bad sprain or repeated minor sprains, they can become painful, loose, and weak. This changes how you walk, putting painful stress on other joints of the foot, as well as making it more likely that you will sprain the ankle again. This leads to a cycle of chronic pain and instability.

Ankle sprains and injuries that are not too severe, may be resolved with Regenexx utilizing super concentrated PRP (platelet rich plasma) procedures. These procedures are intended to help heal damaged tissues and tighten lax ligaments due to sprain. For more substantial injuries an tears, our Same Day protocol may be recommended.

Considering Ankle Surgery, Fusion or Replacement?

Osteoarthritis of the ankle usually occurs in ankles that have experienced trauma, infection, or injury. A smooth, slippery, fibrous connective tissue, called articular cartilage, acts as a protective cushion between bones. Arthritis develops as the cartilage begins to deteriorate or is lost. As the articular cartilage is lost, the joint space between the bones narrows. This is an early symptom of osteoarthritis of the ankle and is easily seen on X-rays.

As the disease progresses, the cartilage thins, becoming grooved and fragmented. The surrounding bones react by becoming thicker. They start to grow outward and form spurs. The synovium (a membrane that produces a thick fluid that helps nourish the cartilage and keep it slippery) becomes inflamed and thickened. It may produce extra fluid, which causes additional swelling.

As an alternative to surgery, fusion or replacement, Regenexx Procedures may help alleviate pain with a non-surgical injection procedure. Patients are often encouraged to walk the same day, and most experience little to no down time from the procedure.

Michelle P.

I was very happy after having our initial consultation and knowing that he was very confident he could help my son. After seeing three surgeons who suggested barbaric, over the top, highly invasive and minimally successful HORRIFYING procedures, Dr Centeno's non-invasive, healing approach was such a relief to choose. And it was the right choice as well. The treatments and the the advice that we are following is working! His ankles are straightening out, his pain has lessened and he's walking and running like a regular kid. I truly believe Dr Centeno's treatment plan has prevented a path of pain and sedentary lifestyle that my son was facing. I will be forever grateful for that gift.
Michelle P hiking in Colorado