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measure response to training

How to Measure Response to Training? Sports Recovery Series Finale

What objective measures are best to evaluate response to training? In this day and age, you would think, there are some sophisticated objective tests or measurements that can be used to optimize training, recovery and predict how much an athlete should and shouldn’t do. Well, there really aren’t any. In this study, objective measurements such … Continued

foam rolling

Massage, Foam Rolling, and Compression Garments: Sports Recovery Series #3

Massage, Foam Rolling, and Compression Garment for Sports Recovery. Does massage and foam rolling decrease muscle soreness? Who doesn’t like a good massage, but does it really help? Foam rolling is another way to self-massage that is maybe a little less pleasant. Some claim that they can improve blood flow and helps clears lactic acid, … Continued

Heat or Ice after Working Out? Sports Recovery Series #2

Ice or heat to aid recovery? See my video: Does Cryotherapy help aid recovery? Cryotherapy is cold therapy like an ice bath or a whole body cryo-chamber. A Cochrane review showed poor studies and no evidence that whole-body Cryotherapy after training is effective, or safe for recovery(1). Whole-body Cryotherapy just makes you feel good because … Continued

exercise improves your aging immune system

Exercise Improves Your Aging Immune System

Our immune system and its ability to protect us from infections is more important than ever. Dr. Schultz discusses the immune system, its function, its decline in aging and strategies to optimize it.

The Aging Athlete: PVCs on an Apple Watch -Episode 10

I’m getting older, which is the “aging” part of the title. In addition, my family has a history of heart disease, so I wanted to start getting proactive about my ticker. This began a journey that begins with a new Apple Watch for Christmas and a discovery that rocked my world. In addition, let’s dive … Continued

core exercises

The Aging Athlete Ep 9: Finding The Right Personal Trainer

It’s new year’s resolution time and that means that the health clubs will be packed for the next few months. Many people these days find a personal trainer at their new health club or through a friend. The great news is that a trainer can push you much harder than you would usually push yourself, … Continued

lifting weights with back or neck pain

7 Ways To Lift Weights Safely With Back Or Neck Pain

Patients with back or neck pain often want to know if they can still work out and lift weights, and if so, how can they work out without doing further damage. You’ll be happy to know, lifting weights with back or neck pain is possible with some modifications, which we’re going to provide in just … Continued

flat butt is a no no

Episode 6: Losing Your Butt As You Age Is Not A Good Thing

First, as a late baby boomer, I have to ask, what’s up with this butt implant thing? I see many celebrities right now with really small bodies and really big butts. Why is this a thing? If you’re wondering what your doctor is doing asking about celebrity butts, that’s a great segway into this week’s … Continued