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aging athlete solving snoring

Aging Athlete Series: Episode 5 – Do You Snore?

I snore a bit. Not anything serious (unless I’m on my back which causes my wife to relocate elsewhere). I know I have minor sleep apnea, so should I treat it? So, I thought it would be a great addition to the Aging Athlete series. Let’s dig in. Denial Ain’t Just a River in Egypt … Continued

The Aging Athlete Series: The Core Above Everything

The Aging Athlete Series: Ep 3 – The Core Before Everything

This is my weekly “Aging Athlete Series” tip. This series is for people in their 30’s and up who want to stay active as they age. Those who want to be that guy or gal who is in their 70’s or 80’s who are still doing cool active stuff. This is my third episode: The … Continued

The Aging Athlete: Taking Some of My Own Medicine-Episode 2

I needed some ProActive injections done, so this is a dose of my own medicine. This is part of the ProActive approach I discussed last week (from the book). So the first tip is to fix small problems while they’re small. You can see in the video what I had done. These were all platelet … Continued

Regenexx ProActive - Aging Athlete

Tips and Tricks for the Aging Athlete! Episode 1

I am now officially 56. I can no longer claim to be in my early 50s! So how do you stay active as you age? In this tips and tricks for the aging athlete series, I’ll go over what I do to stay active. Getting Old is Not for Sissies Man, it’s tough getting old. … Continued

reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

Reducing Your Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

Did you know there are 7 basic things that you can do to prevent or reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease? Dr Pitts, our nutrition expert, breaks this all down for you in this new addition to his "Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Series"

Regenexx ProActive - Aging Athlete

Tony’s ProActive Story: The Secret to Highly Active Aging

Tony is perhaps one of our most inspiring ongoing treatment success stories. Tony first came to us a few years ago with a shoulder injury he got “on the rings” (we’ll explain in a moment). Tony has continued to come to us regularly with minor issues he wants us to address before they become great … Continued

boost your brain

Boost Your Brain with Just 10 Minutes of Exercise

We’ve all experienced it—that midday drag when our tired, overloaded brain just shuts down. With deadlines, no doubt, looming and beating our head against our desk and chasing it with yet another cup of Joe doing nothing to jumpstart our brain back to life, it can send us into a bit of a panic. But … Continued

immune system

Improve Your Aging Immune System with Exercise

It can be challenging to work up the motivation to exercise. It may sound cliché, but for most of us, the more persistent and consistent we are with an exercise routine, the more we look forward to exercising and how good it makes us feel. There will always be those days, however, that you just … Continued

DNA methylation

Can Exercise Turn Back Our Genetic Clock?

What if there was something you could do to slow aging? We’re not talking about artificially, a nip here a tuck there, but genetically slow the aging process? There’s one thing that consistently hits our radar in that proverbial Fountain of Youth search that has seemed so important not only in today’s world but throughout … Continued

exercising as you age

What Exercising as You Age Does for Your Muscles

Today we’re covering the fourth topic in our April exercise series: how exercise affects our muscles as we age. We know exercise is good for our muscles, but one study goes a bit deeper into its muscle benefits and looks at how exercise affects our muscles at the cellular level, possibly even slowing the aging … Continued