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Tony’s ProActive Story: The Secret to Highly Active Aging

Regenexx ProActive - Aging Athlete

Tony is perhaps one of our most inspiring ongoing treatment success stories. Tony first came to us a few years ago with a shoulder injury he got “on the rings” (we’ll explain in a moment). Tony has continued to come to us regularly with minor issues he wants us to address before they become great big problems. In other words, he’s proactive about his health, and it’s a good thing. Why? That shoulder injury he got “on the rings,” well, it turned out “on the rings” was the gymnast rings, but this highly active challenge in its own right was nothing compared to the extreme adventures Tony regularly gets into. And did we mention the most inspiring part to Tony’s proactive story? He’s in his 60s!

We can’t possibly put this man’s exciting life in the proper context with mere words, so please watch his video below:

So how do you keep someone like Tony, someone who challenges aging at every turn and places rigorous demands on his body, going? You get ProActive…

A Brief Glimpse at a Few of Tony’s Adventures

We all have a story to tell, but some are so exciting that you could just sit and listen all day. That’s Tony’s life. You’d never know he’s an extreme world adventurer who’s constantly seeking that next adrenalin rush because he’s a humble guy, but when you get him talking (like we were able to do on the video), you’ll think you’re hearing the storyline to the next great adventure flick. Deep-sea diving while living in a decompression chamber off the back of a boat? Tony’s done it. Jumping off ridiculously high buildings or into vast canyons? Tony’s done it—twice.  Swimming with the crocs…and the sharks…and the killer whales? Yep, Tony’s done all that, too. How about flying a supersonic jet at the edge of space? Tony did it, just a couple of years ago. You name it, Tony’s probably done it. We don’t know about you, but he’s inspired us to update our bucket list.

So Tony’s living his 60s at 100 mph and never looks back. How are we able to help a guy like that? Help him stay ProActive!

How to Stay ProActive

Maybe you are an extreme adventurer like Tony who’s looking to continue your adventures into your 60s and beyond, or maybe, like most of us, you just want to know how age more actively so you can keep up with the grandkids and do other activities you enjoy. One way you can start is by reading Regenexx ProActive! The free PDF of the book is available by clicking here. Below is a brief overview of how to be ProActive, which is covered in the book:

  1. Avoid surgery.
  2. Optimize your diet and lifestyle.
  3. Use precise injections of platelets and stem cells to treat minor problems before they become big major issues that halt your activities.
  4. Pay attention to your body and recognize the warning signs of potential muscle, joint, or nerve problems.

Tony’s ProActive Story

Tony initially had a rotator cuff tear, and he had irritated neck nerves that were causing his shoulder issues. Surgery wasn’t on his radar as it would have stifled his ability to get back to the extreme adventures he loves. We treated his irritated neck nerves with a precise injection of his own growth factors. We also treated his rotator cuff with his own stem cells.

Like everything else in life, Tony went full throttle with Regenexx ProActive. We identified any areas that could be problems and had advanced MRIs of all of those body parts. We did ultrasound exams of every tendon, joint, and ligament in those area. What did this allow us to identify? Parts and pieces of Tony’s body that were either already failing or that were showing signs of beginning to fail (in the latter case, this identified low-level issues that could worsen in time). The goal has been to treat the small things now to avoid the blowups that could stop Tony’s adventures in their tracks.

What’s next for Tony? Last we heard, he was planning to summit Mt. Everest and the Nepali peaks. We’ll keep doing what we need to do to help him stay ProActive and make sure he gets there…if he hasn’t already. Sounds like we have the easy part. Suffice it to say, after being inspired by Tony’s and other patients’ amazing stories over the years, the only fitting final words I can offer you are—you truly are only as old as you feel!