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The Aging Athlete: Taking Some of My Own Medicine-Episode 2

I needed some ProActive injections done, so this is a dose of my own medicine. This is part of the ProActive approach I discussed last week (from the book). So the first tip is to fix small problems while they’re small. You can see in the video what I had done. These were all platelet procedures focused on my back (epidural, ligaments, and multifidus), the side of my hip, and knee. I was sore that night and took a few Tylenol to sleep. I was sore walking around the next morning but by mid-day, I could walk almost normally. I worked out with my trainer that next afternoon and never took another pain pill. Here I am 2 days out and just did 30 minutes on the bike without any trouble, so I’m on the mend. Here’s a video of my ProActive journey: