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atlantodens interval

What Is the Atlantodens Interval? A QuickStart Guide

The headaches and dizziness became progressive in nature and responsive to conservative care. Chiropractic adjustments provided only  transient relief as you could not maintain your adjustment.  A surgeon reviewed your history, symptoms and radiographic studies.  He mentioned different measurements that were abnormal.  What is the Atlantodens Interval? What is the Atlas?  What is the Axis … Continued

meniscus tear types

6 Meniscus Tear Types And How To Treat Them Properly

Even a small meniscus tear can make walking difficult for you. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you may want to seek medical help as soon as possible, depending on the type of tear you have. Needless to say, a lot depends on understanding the meniscus tear types there are and what each … Continued

Differences Between a Normal vs Abnormal Cervical Spine MRI

The neck pain was unrelenting and unresponsive to conservative care.  Simple tasks and motions were impossible.  At times there were sharp, shooting pains radiating down your arm with accompanying numbness and tingling. Your doctor ordered a Cervical MRI and you are awaiting the results.  What is a Cervical MRI?  How does an MRI work? Does … Continued

Your Grabb Oakes Measurement: What Does It Mean?

The headaches, brainfog and balance problems has been progressive in nature and unresponsive to conservative care. After what seemed like endless consultations and examinations your chiropractor believes it is Craniocervical Instability.  During a surgical evaluation the MRI was reviewed, and different measurements were taken all of which was confusing. What is the Cranium? What is … Continued

exercise & ProActive

Too Much of a Good Thing?

My mother used to say, “everything in moderation.” This is what a new study seems to say about exercise. Can too much exercise be a problem for your body? Let’s dig in. How Much Should You Exercise? The current US physical activity guidelines state that (1): “Adults should do at least 150 minutes to 300 … Continued

orthopedic surgery and heart damage

1 in 8 Orthopedic Surgeries Lead to Heart Damage

Sometimes a paper comes along that breaks my brain. This is one of those research studies which is in the form of a position paper published by the American Heart Association. It basically says that some people are getting heart damage during routine surgery. So let’s dig in because when I first read it yesterday, … Continued

Grabb Oakes Measurement: How Is It Determined?

The headaches, brain fog and dizziness were getting worse and unresponsive to conservative care.  You were referred for surgical evaluation.  During the consultation time was spent reviewing your neck MRI.  Different measuresurements were performed.  Should you be concerned?  What is the Cranium?  What is the Craniocervical junction (CCJ)? What is the Grabb Oakes Measurement?  How … Continued

Craniocervical Instability & Ehlers Danlos Syndrome: Know the Facts

Gymnastics and yoga were easy as you were super flexible.  With continued training your shoulders and knees kept popping out of place.  A series of small but significant traumas left you sidelined both from athletics, academics and socially.  Brain fog and fatigue were common themes.  You have seen countless physicians with conflicting information.  Your chiropractor … Continued

Chiari Decompression Surgery: The Facts You Need To Know

The headaches, neck pain and dizziness are debilitating and getting worse.  Conservative treatments and medications have failed.  Your doctor has referrred you to a neurosurgeon.  He mentioned Chiari Decompression surgery.  What is a Chiari Malformation?  What are the three different types of Chiari Malformations? What are the symptoms of Chiari Malformation? What is Chiari Decompression … Continued