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Rotator Cuff Tear Relief Without Surgery

Rotator Cuff Tear Relief Without Surgery: A How-To Guide

INTRODUCTION: Welcome to the the How-to Guide for Rotator Cuff Tear Relief Without Surgery. If you want to avoid Rotator Cuff surgery, you’re in the right place! Let’s start with the basics. Basics The basics of Rotator Cuff tears include 4 different muscles, 1 in the front, 1 on the top and 2 in the … Continued

What Is an Upright MRI? Can It Diagnose CCJ Instability? [VLOG]

Hey, it’s Dr. Centeno. And what is an Upright MRI? And can it diagnose CCJ instability? So, CCJ Instability means that the upper neck bones move around too much due to lax ligaments. Lots of different ligaments up there that can be torn, partially torn, stretched, or just loose due to other problems. And there … Continued

alternatives to laminectomy

Alternatives to Laminectomy

If you have had an MRI of your spine, you are probably like most patients. You read the MRI report and then google every term on your MRI report from the Radiologist trying to figure out what it all means! Alternatives to Laminectomy should be an important part of that search. Today you’re in luck, … Continued

How to Avoid Knee Replacement: A Quickstart Guide

Your knee pain initially was intermittent and mild.  Unfortunately, It is now constant and debilitating.  Your doctor recommends knee replacement surgery. What is the knee composed of?  What are the most common knee injuries?  What is knee replacement surgery? What are the different types of knee replacements?  What is knee replacement surgery success? What are … Continued

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Surgery

What Is the Cubital Tunnel Syndrome? Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, a compressive neuropathy of the ulnar nerve at the elbow, is the second most common compressive neuropathy in upper extremities (1st = carpal tunnel syndrome). To understand how peripheral nerves get injured, read this blog: The Ulnar nerve is a continuation of nerve roots from … Continued

How to Read a Knee MRI for Meniscal Tear

How to Read a Knee MRI for Meniscal Tear

Dr. Chris Centeno discusses how to read a knee MRI for meniscal tears and what you need to know about such tears. Transcript Hi, this is Dr. Centeno. And I’d like to go over today How to Read Your Knee MRI: Focus on the Meniscus. I have a whole series of these and reading a … Continued

EDS in Children

EDS in Children: Groundbreaking New Treatment Options

Your child is super flexible and a star gymnast.  Unfortunately, her growing pains can be unbearable at times, and unresponsive to conservative care.  Her knees can pop out of alignment while walking across the room.   You are concerned.  Your doctor thinks your daughter may be hypermobile.  What is EDS?  What are the different types of … Continued

What is Neural-Prolo?

What Is Neural-Prolo?

What Is ProloTherapy? “Gateway drug for regenerative autologous ortho-biologics (stem cells and PRP)” “Prolo” is shorthand for proliferative therapy. Its origins can be traced as far back as the ancient Egyptians and Hippocrates when they used cauterization to induce scaring for laxity.  Modern day prolotherapy was first described for orthopedic use in the 1930 when … Continued

frozen shoulder manipulation succes rate

Frozen Shoulder Manipulation Success Rate: What to Expect

Shoulder injuries can be debilitating, and a very painful and limiting one is called frozen shoulder. What is a frozen shoulder?  What is frozen shoulder manipulation?  What is the frozen shoulder manipulation success rate?  What should I expect after shoulder manipulation?  What is the best treatment for frozen shoulder?  Let’s dig in. What Is a … Continued

Guyon’s Canal Treatment Options

Growing up in South Florida, I never knew what it was like to have different seasons – we basically had hot, hotter and blistering hot!  But now being in Colorado for many years, I understand transitions from winter to spring.  It means that its time to put away my snowboard and dust off the golf … Continued