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Non-surgical Treatment for Rotator Cuff Tears

Your Trusted Alternative to Rotator Cuff Surgery

Your Rotator Cuff Surgery Alternative

Rotator cuff injuries are one of the most common causes of shoulder pain in the United States. Shoulder surgery is particularly difficult due to the complexity of the joint, and post-surgical recovery can be painful, requiring a lengthy rehab period to restore strength and mobility to the shoulder. At Centeno-Schultz Clinic, we hold a host of many options, however, however our precise, image-guided injections of PRP or bone marrow concentrate containing stem cells are the most powerful and least invasive alternative to rotator cuff surgery.

At the Centeno-Schultz Clinic, our patented same-day non-surgical treatment for rotator cuff tears is a breakthrough, minimally invasive procedure that helps heal your rotator cuff tear or tears. Through years of research and perfecting the bone marrow stem cells and blood platelets to repair rotator cuff tears, we help improve the rotator cuff’s regenerative potential, rather than further damaging an area that has given way because of tissue weakness.

Using a precise, image-guided injection, our expert physicians are able to get more of the body’s natural “repairmen” directly into the tear. By mobilizing your body’s own healing mechanisms and eliminating the trauma of surgery and atrophy caused by immobilization, we’ve produced great results in the treatment of partial rotator cuff tears and have even shown encouraging success with completely retracted tears.

Rotator Cuff Surgery Should Be Your Last Resort. Why?

Traditional options for patients suffering from a rotator cuff tear is arthroscopic surgery to “repair” the tear. This surgery option requires months of rehab and surgical risks and complications. Pain after surgery is typically related to the operative procedure, and unfortunately never improves for some patients. Whether you’re a professional athlete, or just an active weekend warrior who relies on full range of shoulder motion, rotator cuff surgery is the wrong choice, backed by recent research:

With larger sized rotator cuff tears, there are high re-tear rates after surgery, with one study showing as high as 81%. One study shows that rotator cuff surgery was no better than physical therapy in restoring shoulder function. Only half of professional athletes returned to the same level of play following a rotator cuff surgery.

What Is the Better Option? Avoid Surgery with Interventional Orthopedics.

If Rotator Cuff surgery shouldn’t be your first option, what is the alternative? Orthopedic surgery isn’t the only team on the field; much like interventional cardiology has gained a foothold over cardiac surgery over the past few decades, interventional orthopedics is providing nonsurgical alternatives to many orthopedic surgeries available today. And a rotator cuff tear is one of those.

Rotator cuff tears are one of the most commonly treated conditions at our clinic and we consistently see great outcomes in our patients. If you have a rotator cuff tear, you may be a good candidate for our procedures. Interventional Orthopedics treatment for rotator cuff tears offers patients a minimally invasive same-day injection procedure that may help heal the injured tissue. Shoulder surgery is particularly difficult due to the complexity of the joint, and post-surgical recovery can be painful and require a lengthy rehab period.

Our expert physicians are here to help alleviate shoulder pain and restore joint damage with a non-invasive injection procedure, leaving patients with better healing results and little or no downtime.