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The Bigger Picture: The American Stem Cell Therapy Association

The American Stem Cell Therapy Association has opted for a global perspective.  Accordingly, it has changed its name to match its mission statement.

Italian Coast - Italian office of American Stem Cell Therapy Association

The Internation Cellular Medicine Society was formed by physicians, scientists and other professionals to establish international laboratory and practice guidelines.  In addition,  there is a re-implantation registry that tracks all results and complications.

Mission statement:

-Produce guideline for the use of autologous adult stem cells.  (Autologous= a patients own cells).

-Provide standards for the minimal expansion of autologous adult stem cells (A-ASC).

  • -To educate physicians on cell based medicine and establish safe standards.

Regenerative Sciences, which provides the Regenexx procedure has adopted the guidelines set forth by ICMS.  In doing so, it has now provided an additional layer of safety for its patients.  The standard of care autologous mesenchymal stem cell therapy has now been raised.

An international conference discussing the current guidelines and stem cell therapies is in Vegas this November.

Upcoming conference on stem cell therapy would be the first of its kind. We will certainly expect The American Stem Cell Therapy Association to play a large role.