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Candidate Form

If you are a “candidate,” it means your condition can be treated positively with orthobiologic injections (i.e. stem cells or PRP).  There is no obligation to any procedure if you fill out this form. 

Candidate Form

Insurance may cover office visits, consultations, diagnostic testing, examinations and bracing. However, most insurance does not currently cover Regenexx Procedures at this time.


Take the next step in taking your life back by requesting an evaluation with one of our expert doctors in the field of Interventional Orthobiologics. 

This one-on-one evaluation will help you understand: 

  • Candidacy Grade: Good/fair/poor
  • Which Regenexx procedure would be best appropriate for optimal results
  • An understanding of diagnosis/prognosis
  • Direction of best care

An evaluation is critical to understanding the underlying problems and selecting the best treatment plan that will help you obtain your life back, and be proactive about your care. 

Your assigned Regenerative Medicine consultant, will help you coordinate an evaluation with an expert doctor, and help you organize your material to have a successful evaluation. 

Getting back to what you love starts with a form.

Just like 107,450 others since 2005, the first step to recovery without surgery begins with this simple form. 

Orthopedic pain is hard to live with. And because orthopedic conditions are often progressive, the longer you wait means the more pain this condition might bring you. When does it end?

How is it affecting your life? What kind of life might your condition stop you from living? Listen to Pam’s testimonial of her recalling how she felt as she danced for the first time in years after her struggle with the chronic condition, craniocervical instability or “CCI.”